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Erika grew up bi-cultural with an expanded global view. Her adult travels began with a semester abroad in Europe and before age 25 she lived in Mexico teaching English and Teacher Training, dropped out of the peace corps in Russia and spent time in Honduras and Brazil conducting research. To date she has lived, studied, worked and traveled in over 30 countries. She has a Masters in Latin American Studies and a passion for language and languages. She’s a WSET advanced certified wine geek and podcast and HIIT junkie. Prior to working for herself, she enjoyed propelling B2B and B2C brands in startups and large organizations in various industries including hospitality, entertainment, travel and wine & spirits. While always maintaining a foot planted in marketing, she’s served as a utility player in operations, account management and product development. She offers extensive value as a tour operator and travel buddy.

Authentic Cuba Tours for Americans: Join Latin Atlas in Colorful and Magical Havana and Viñales!

How long have you been talking about going to Cuba? This is the year! Latin Atlas curates authentic, affordable. legal and fun tours to honor culture and encourage genuine local interaction. Cuba is complicated but it doesn’t have to be for you. Latin Atlas is the through line setting you up for success so you’re only responsibility is having the trip of a lifetime! To learn more about Cuban culture and travel check out the Latin Atlas blog here.

The Birth of Latin Atlas Cuba Travel and Tours

Over Thanksgiving 2012, Erika went on a surf camp to Costa Rica. At the time, she was working long hours and surf camp met three expectations, it required no planning on my part, fulfilled the dream of learning to surf and was affordable. What she hadn’t calculated is the trip would change the trajectory of my life. When she was laid off for the first time in January 2013 it was a blessing, no disguise. The lay-off-to-take-off took only a few months. By March, she was traveling in South America. Later that year and into half of 2014 she spent time with family in Mexico and backpacked throughout Central America. She returned to NYC determined that one day I would launch a Latin America travel and tours company. After a trip to Cuba in April 2017, Latin Atlas Cuba Travel and Tours sprang to life.

Latin Atlas Cuba Travel and Tours' Vision

Through Latin Atlas Cuba Travel and Tours we want you to have the same experience Erika did during her surf camp: fulfill a dream while staying within budget and not having to expend your limited time and energy planning. We remain accessible pre-trip to answer all of your questions, reconcile any concerns and sufficiently prep you for the trip of a lifetime.

For seasoned travelers, wheels down in a new country is the only way to satisfy the wanderlust hankering. For others, it means the chance to venture outside their comfort zone. With Latin Atlas Cuba Travel and Tours, you’ll explore new lands, learn new skills, make lifelong friends and maybe even entertain a new life path.

Latin Atlas Cuba Travel and Tours is…

There are many tours to Havana, Cuba on the market and most are exceedingly expensive. Though Cuba is not cheap, I saw an opportunity to offer tours that were much more affordable than what’s offered now while remaining curated and hands-on.

Cuba’s complicated, especially if you’re not a seasoned world traveler and don’t speak Spanish. Latin Atlas Cuba Travel and Tours is your through line from the moment you make the decision to go to Cuba to returning home. Latin Atlas Cuba Travel and Tours is always accessible to offer expertise and suggestions.

Unlike most tours, you will explore Havana with a unique set of Cubans specializing in various areas of culture.

Other than the plane ticket and cash for shopping, the tour is all-inclusive so your only responsibility is to enjoy and absorb the experience.

The tour’s itinerary is fully in compliance with the Educational Activities / People-to-People requirements per the US Department of Treasury, OFAC. Go to bullet number 5 here to read about the 12 categories of authorized travel.

100% Curated Tours Based on Your Interests!

  • Enjoy Havana for 5 days and 4 nights.
  • Arrive on a Wednesday and leave on a Sunday.
  • Be met at the airport by Erika and your driver, who will be your chauffeur for the entirety of the trip.
  • Stay in beautiful, historic and comfortable homes in the city center.
  • Take a ride in a vintage American convertible.
  • Stroll the extraordinary streets of many Havana neighborhoods.
  • Learn about Cuban culture, history and way of life.
  • Enjoy meals at the best up-and-coming paladares restaurants including many with gorgeous balconies and views of the city.
  • Make lifelong friends while having a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Hemingways’ Cuba but also the very important Cuban, José Martí.
  • The arts in Cuban while touring galleries and seeing live music and dance performances.
  • Rum, how to taste it, differentiate the various styles and its role in Cuba.
  • Cuba’s history including the revolution through visiting many sites while contrasting it with modern-day Cuba.
  • Tobacco, how it’s grown, made and how to smoke it.
  • Salsa by taking a class and watching salsa or jump in and participate.
  • Are you interested in an architectural tour?
  • Would you like a private dinner with your bestie or boyfriend?
  • Would you like to visit a school or a community organization?
  • Tell me what your interests and ideas are and I’ll get going to make them happen!

To get started, respond to the following questions in the contact form below:

  • What are your ideal dates to go?
  • Would you prefer women only, coed or couples only?
  • Do you have a group of friends and/or family in mind? What’s the group size?
  • Are there any Cuban activities not on the above list?

Cuba’s ready for you! Let’s go!

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