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I’m Erika, the blogger, certified wine and language geek, Latinamericanist, global traveler, and business woman behind Latin Atlas. Give the Latin Atlas blog a spin and enjoy a love of culture, language and travel throughout Latin America and Latin-based Europe.

American nursery rhyme and story book references are often lost on me. My early years, the lost Americana era were spent making tamales and sopes (sounds like so-pays) and listening to Julio Iglesias with his #1 fan girl, my Mexican mom. Quickly though, Mexico faded away and I was listening to Madonna and classic rock, reading American young adult fiction and attempting to be part of American tribal culture like cheerleading and greek life. By my early twenties though, my path emerged and I had become a Latinamericanist and global citizen. I happily live in NYC surrounded by people and languages of the world.

While my perfect evening would include tacos, Neruda and mariachi music, there isn’t a country in the world I wouldn’t travel to if I knew I’d have a general level of safety. To date, I’ve spent four years outside the US, living in and traveling to over 30 countries. Beyond this grand love of culture, language and travel, I continue to learn about the elusive grape and spend time at HIIT/bootcamp and listening to podcasts. I’m hoping future travels include more hiking, surfing and diving.

I’d love to learn about you. Find me on the socials or shoot me a message below so we can meet!


Erika at Latin Atlas blog, writing services and Cuba tours

Hola! I’m Erika, a Mexican American with a Masters in Latin American Studies and a love for Latin-American and Iberian cultures, languages and travel.

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