Freelance Proofreader, Editor and Copywriter with industry experience in wine & spirits, pharma, travel, hospitality, retail and entertainment.


Proofreader, Editor and Writer

Necessity being the mother of invention sparked my passion for language. Growing up with a parent learning English tainted my language competence. I took measures to improve my communication skills. My dictionary became an appendage. I grew affection for word usage and spelling. To present day, I ingest a daily dose of When I graduated from college, I moved to Mexico to teach English igniting a love for English grammar and punctuation. Studying foreign languages rounded out this lifelong pursuit with an appreciation of the structure and poetry of language, as well as the language-culture connection.


Freelance Sales and Marketing Copy and Content Proofreader, Editor and Writer

Native English speaker, former ESL teacher, blogger and lover of language will tidy up your short and long-form print and digital copy. I proofread, edit and write copy to sing. Correcting errors, and transforming crammed constructions and sloppy formatting is a quick clean up job so you and what you do shine through. Whether you need to drive new sales, reconnect with clients, achieve marketing goals or sell yourself, I wear my proofreader, editor and writer hats with gusto! I welcome a wide range of content, such as articles, bios, blog posts, boiler plates, cover letters, pitches, presentations, product specs, resumes, SEO-focused writing, social media, Spanish-to-English translation, technical documents, university papers and websites.

I leverage my past account and brand management, marketing, and product development experience in sales-driven organizations to consider how content components (diction, style, tone) support a client’s brand and business goals. My industry experience includes entertainment, health & wellness, hospitality, non-profit, pharma, retail, travel, and wine & spirits.

Copy and Content Proofreading, Editing and Writing

Proofreading is a quality check executed at the final draft stage. Your document is methodically reviewed against a style sheet and a style guide if required, notating the following:

  • Superfluous words.
  • Spelling, punctuation, typos and word usage errors.
  • Grammatical errors, such as syntax, verb tense, parallelism, parts of speech, capitalization, etc.
  • Consistency of font style, size and weight, and page number, capitalization and oxford comma usage, etc.

Please reach out for red-marked editing samples and with questions!

Next, Copy and Content Editing may include the proofreading stage or occur as a separate stage prior to final draft proofreading, evaluating the following:

  • Tone.
  • Ambiguity.
  • Readability.
  • Fact-checking.
  • Style consistency.
  • Flow and transitions.
  • Passive versus active voice.
  • Wordy or awkward sentences.

Additionally, you’ll receive ideas of how to better structure and present content for the audience. Approved ideas will fall under content editing or may require level 3 copywriting services based on the quantity of writing involved.

I’m eager to partner up and achieve your objectives! Please reach out for red-marked editing and writing samples and with questions!

Lastly, writing services may be kicked off with a few bullets, a shell or a project brief depending on the complexity of the project. Then we’ll discuss the objectives, expectations, style (diction, tone, voice), revisions and timeline of the project via email, a phone call or video chat.

To get started, please reach out for editing and writing samples and with questions!

Proofreading, Editing and Writing Prices

For quick jobs, we’ll negotiate a project fee. If projects are more complex, the type, size and complexity of the project will influence pricing. Additionally, pricing structures include hourly rates for each of the three levels, project fees and/or retainers. Lastly, pricing will be adjusted for quantity discounts and rush deliveries.

Let’s Get Started

The next step is to contact me below for editing and writing samples. Once we agree upon the project scope, pricing and expectations, I can get going with a little or a lot of information. If you’d like, we can chat via email, a phone call or video chat. I’ll follow your lead on how you’d like to discuss your project and objectives.


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